Why people smoke does smoking relieve stress?

What’s the real reason why you keep on smoking even though you know the dangers and even though you promise yourself to quit? hi, this is Usman and in this article, you will learn what’s the real reason you keep lighting up even though you want to or have to quit and knowing the real reason why you smoke makes it a whole lot easier to tackle that reason, avoid mistakes and quit for good before we get into it make sure you. It will help you stop smoking so what’s the real reason why you smoke but before that let’s talk about why most people think they smoke because nicotine is a powerful physical addiction and there are strong physical cravings we’re going to talk about the physical cravings bit what.
You need to know now is that although nicotine is an addictive substance nicotine addiction is not strong physical addiction nicotine is easily metabolized from the body nicotine starts leaving your body 30 to 45 minutes after you smoke a cigarette and in five days almost all nicotine is out of your body if you remain nicotine free nicotine may be the reason you first got hooked to this habit as a teenager maybe but it’snot the reason why you kept on smoking for all those years when you first started smoking you probably thought you would have quit by now so why haven’t you see if nicotine addiction was the real reason why you smoked then why do most people give mental and emotional reasons for smoking like.
I enjoy it. I need it relaxes me it’s my friend or its habit and why do ex-smokers relapse back to smoking even after the nicotine withdrawal is over and there is not a single trace of nicotine in their body and what can cause someone to smoke one month one year or five years body think about it it is not your body that craves a cigarette when you want to take a break or when you have a trigger or when you drink your coffee or when you’re driving it’s your mind that wants it because your mind has linked certain triggers to smoking and it reminds you to smoke when  you have those triggers or think about when you sleep when you sleep you don’t need to sleep you don’t smoke for seven or eight hours straight if the physical addiction was the real problem if the physical cravings were so strong then they would wake you up every one hour just to smoke but if you don’t wake up every one hour just to smoke during the night then the physical addiction is not the reason why you smoke on the other hand what happens.

If you go eight straight hours during the day when you’re awake well it’s a different the story right all hell breaks loose you have cravings you feel agitated you think about smoking all the time and everything reminds you of smoking it’s just a different thing why because your mind is awake and your mind reminds you to smoke when you feel stressed or bored or when you want to take a break that’s why the mental addiction is 80% of smoking addiction is the biggest part of smoking the physical addiction is nothing the reason why you smoke is your mental dependence on smoking in other words how smoking makes you feel because you know nicotine has hijacked your brain has hijacked the dopamine pathways in your brain.

It makes you feel like you need nicotine to survive the same way you need food of course, you don’t need nicotine to survive because nicotine is poison but this addiction makes you believe that you need nicotine to cope with stress to cope with boredom to socialize to enjoy your life to take a break to keep your hands busy to concentrate enjoy your personal time escape situations and emotions and even manage your weight so even if a part of you hates smoking the way it makes you smell the cost how it harms your health and all the worry and the guilt that comes with it so even if a part of you hates smoking there is another part of you that is afraid not to smoke because you’re used to smoking in many moments sins your day and all these situations have been linked so closely with your smoking habit that on some level you’re afraid but if you quit your cigarettes will magically take away with them your capacity to enjoy life and cope with your problems so what keeps you stuck is fear fear of change fear of failure fear of cravings.

The fear of the unknown or the fear that you will turn into someone else all this fear is caused by the mental addiction and addiction is not enjoyable if you’re someone who thinks that you really really enjoy smoking let me ask you this if you could wake up tomorrow and never smoke again any cravings no memory of smoking does not miss it desired anything would you do it? Most people would gladly take that opportunity and if you would also do it it means that you don’t really enjoy smoking because if you really enjoy smoking then why stop and if you really really enjoyed smoking then why watch quit smoking related like this one you do that because a part of you knows that you don’t want to be smoking a part of you knows that smoking offers you nothing but as long as you believe it does and as long as you believe that smoking adds some kind of value to your life, you will keep craving cigarettes so basically what you see as enjoyment or love or friendship in reality.

It’s an abusive relationship based on lies and fears you smoke because you’re afraid of what will happen if you don’t because you think you can’t live without cit but that’s an illusion that’s in the lie that’s what addiction is addiction make-believe we can’t live without the thing we’re addicted to but of course, you can the truth is that you will be better off as a nonsmoker because smoking offers you nothing that you do as a smoker you can do better as a nonsmoker, for example, you can cope with stress and anxiety better as a nonsmoker and this has been proven by research as well because you don’t have all the addiction and the anxiety and the tension in your body just think about it being addicted to worrying having cravings having health problems is a source of stress all by itself or you can concentrate better as a nonsmoker.

Because you don’t have your craving mind interrupting your train of thought all the time and you can cope with boredom better as a nonsmoker if smoking was so entertaining that it relieved bored then people would buy tickets to go watch other people’s smoke just stare at the same way they watch football or theater but people don’t do that because smoking is not taking away our boredom smoking causes boredom because it drains our energy to do things so, to sum up, most people think they smoke because of the physical addiction but smoking is a mental and physical addiction and the reason why you smoke is the mental addiction the real reason why you smoke is that you believe smoking offers you something and you are gonna quit easily and never ever miss it again.

when you realize that smoking offers you nothing at all thank you so much for if you like t to learn more about the mental addiction and how to overcome it so you can quite easily and make sure you see the CBQ method because the CQB the method is designed to help you work on your mental addiction and before you go leave a comment below and let me know what’s the reason you smoke I’m looking forward to reading your comments see you in the next.

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