Top freelancer Websites for beginners

Hi, I am your Freelance Tutor and today in this article we will talk about three things that how beginners can earn from these sites. First of all, I will tell you about 5 most popular and widely used websites These are the websites, I use for freelancing and I make $1000 to $1500 every month from them. So, I will share my first-hand experience with them with you. After that, we will see a comparison of all these websites and see the positive and negative aspects of each of them. and according to your skills, which website you should use for freelancing.
In the end, for your encouragement and motivation, I will share one of my personal freelancing profiles with you and will then give you some useful tips as well. So friends, whenever we are doing freelancing or want to start, one of the most important and difficult questions is that where should we make our account and where we can get most jobs. To answer this question it is important to know the features of these websites. So let’s see the 5 most popular and most widely used websites in Pakistan and the world and their features.
1. Fiverr:
First of all, I will talk about You can see this on my screen it is called Fiverr because when it started, it used to have 5 dollar gigs but now you can see gigs in different ranges. An important point to note here is that they have given the most popular skills here, as you can see these are Voiceover, Translation, logo design, and article writing. If we see its ranking, we see that Fiverr has the best ranking in the world with 370th rank In Pakistan all, it has the best ranking among freelancing websites. You can see its ranking in the past 90 days, you can see it has gone down from 226th to 370th place due to the Corona Virus If you are doing freelancing and not getting jobs these days, you do not need to worry or be disappointed.
2. Upwork:
Secondly, I will talk about, I personally use this website a lot The positive thing about this website is that you have a wide range of skills available on this website. It is not only writing and translation but also many other skills for example Web Development, Sale Marketing, Engineering, and Data Analysis so this website is very good for these skills
The third one is In my personal opinion and experience, this is the most widely used website in the world with respect to the number of freelancers working on it. and like Upwork, you can work on a wide range of skills on this website.
4. Peopleperhour:
A fourth website that I want to share is I have been working on this but it is also like, it does not have jobs related to a wide set of skills most of the jobs are related to translation and writing.
5. Guru:
The fifth website I want to share is it is not a very famous website but it is one of the oldest websites in freelancing world but it has a lot of fake jobs posted on it, that is why it is not very popular and many people do not use it so there were the most popular freelancing websites. 
Comparison between these websites:
Now we will talk about their comparison For comparison, I have created this small table to show the comparison of main features of all these websites These are only main points, After this, InshaAllah, I will create detailed articles for all these platforms separately, in detail and will tell about all these features in very detail So you can see that the first thing when you create an account, is that free or paid? So on, you can create a free or a paid account UpWork also has both free and paid memberships Freelancer used to be free but recently they also, introduce paid membership so you can no more create a free account of
And you have to choose one of its paid plans on Peopleperhour, you can create a free account and you have to pay on for creating an account Bid, meaning the feature you use to apply for jobs on Fiverr, you do not need bids because you just post your gigs one of the negative aspects of Upwork is the unavailability of free bids and you have to but them and then you can apply for jobs this is one of the reasons that fewer people use UpWork On you get 15 or 16 free bids every month on Peopleperhour, you get 15 free bids every month and on, you get 120 bids for a year which you can use any time according to your needs.
The third important thing about a freelancing website is that you see, is that when you complete a project how many fees they charge from you as a commission in this aspect, Freelancer is the best among all because it only charges 10% Fiverr charges 20%, Upwork charges 20% but they have set limits so if you earn more, you pay a smaller fee For example if you earn more than $500 on Upwork you pay 10% instead of 20% on PeoplePerHour, the range is from 20% to 3.5% on is similar where the range is 9% to 5% about the competition on these websites, it is my personal and you can disagree with me my experience is that since is most widely it has maximum competition.
Upwork is also competitive but not very high for which the main reason is that you do not get free bids there therefore not everyone makes an account on Upwork so you can make a small the investment you can work in a less competitive environment was free to use so far, so a very high number of people were using it, and the second the thing about this is when you post a job as I do not only work as a freelancer but also hire people and I post jobs so when you post a job of freelancer some people have already done some coding which sends automatic proposals due to this the reason, I often see as I post a job, within a minute, may time I get even 10 proposals its means that they have pre-written proposals which they send automatically through some programming due to this reason, a freelancer is very competitive As PeoplePerHour and are not very famous and they do not have high traffic so in my opinion, they have less competition and I say PeoplePerHour has average competition and has very little.
This is a list of skills that I have made and you can see this and guess about your skills and then you can choose any related website so if you are a graphic designer, then Fiverr is your place For data analysis and web development freelancer and Upwork is good choices and for writing and translation, Fiverr, PeoplePerHour and is not very famous, but most jobs on are related to translation and graphic design and another important point about these websites is when you complete a project and get money in your account.
How you can withdraw funds with the least withdrawal fee about this, I will article for each website, I will cover this topic in complete detail As in the beginning, I told you that today I will share one of my freelancing profiles with you the purpose to share this the profile is to motivate you guys and tell you that if you work hard you can make good money in this field so this is my UpWork profile and you can see the dashboard As you see there are projects of $1040 in progress, almost all these projects started in this month in the bottom, you can see the list of projects some of these projects, I am doing myself and some of them, I have outsourced.
In freelancing, outsourcing is a separate technique, through which you can do projects for which you do not have skills I will also make a detailed one in which I will teach you about outsourcing techniques If now you are thinking that what website do I recommend which you should use so my personal experience is that I have created profiles on all these websites which I keep checking frequently but mostly, I work on UpWork and I recommend the same to people the reason for that is when you apply on a job on UpWork, the bids are not fed, so people send proposals very carefully and they are usually in small numbers so if you buy some bids with a small investment you get an advantage of the likelihood of getting more jobs as compared to other websites where bid are free and everyone tries to apply for jobs and around 30 to 40 people apply for each job when I post jobs, for hire people, the same job posted on that.
My own experience:
I post on UpWork and Freelancer, on Freelancer, at least 40 to 50 people apply for the job on the other hand, on UpWork, 10, 15, or a maximum of 20 people apply on the same from this you can understand since there is less competition on UpWork you have more chances of getting a job So, that is all for today If you like this  then please like it and share it and comment and tell me about your feedback and if you have any questions because after this I will make an article on how to make a freelancing profile and techniques for applying for jobs, for example, writing a good cover letter and how to write a good proposal and what type of jobs you should apply for without wasting your bid because many jobs are posted by fake people or people who  do not hire anyone so I will guide you in detail about this in future articles and InshaAllah, you will learn a lot from them so I want to remind you once  send me your feedback or questions in the comments, I respond to those questions Thank you and Allah Hafiz. See you soon with an other informative articles.

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