Epistemology definition and Explanation

Hi Guys! My name is Usman In today’s  I’ll talk about the Types of Ideologies I have already told in the last  Id In which I had explained Ideology Concepts I’ll give that video link in   Let’s start it.  There are basically two types of ideologies. One is Epistemological Ideology Second is Political Ideology. In this all talk about Epistemological Ideology.

What Is Epistemology:
Epistemology means Theory of knowledge which means Whatever we know we count them all in epistemological Ideology How it happens Let me explain Epistemological Ideology depends on three things First thing is truth Second is belief Third thing is justification Before understanding the epistemological Ideology definition I’ll give you an example If you understand this example You can easily understand epistemological ideology Assume that You have a poor friend He has no clean clothes.

He has no job he has no transport One day he comes to you in elegance clothes in beautiful & expensive car and he ask you to I got a Lottery of 20 million and I bought a house for myself I have a car, money, and everything now this is I am You move with him around and when the darkness comes He asks you to stay here. I just come after parking my car He goes back and comes again into his old condition which was his real condition like previously That means, he does not have a car, money, etc. He was just showing you off Just stop! here for a while and think How did you believe that he got that everything…?

Number One:
You saw his condition his clothes, car Suddenly you accepted as truth that he got these things. and He got that Lottery of 20 million.

Number Two:
When you accepted that thing It became real for you That really there won’t be any change will come in this He can not be poor again That means you believed in him. Which comes in Epistemological Ideology that is Justification.

You rapidly judge him No, he really got that Lottery of 20 million That’s why he has a car, new clothes and he is shining He is leaving in a laving life That is what we learned from Epistemological Ideology What we see in our daily life What is our Experience in anything In Epistemological Ideology Like, I told you we have three things First thing is truth Second thing is Belief Third thing is Justification.

Whatever we see, we consider it as true Whatever we see, we Believe on it as real Third thing is,  we justify it in our heart that it is real Assume that, there is a car mechanic Who has experience of 10 years He has 10 years of experience If you get your car to him He’ll check that car by his experience He’ll ask you first what happened to the car You’ll say, I tried to start my car but the switch is not getting ON He’ll further inspect You’ll explain him, the problem could be this.

Now, he’ll check the car by his experience Epistemological Ideology is quite simple that we see in our daily life and Epistemological Ideology basic means is Theory of knowledge May you understand the theory of knowledge May you understand Epistemological Ideology.

Again quite simple Ideology Hope! you understand this If understand it, please comment on us about your comments on this we want to know about your concepts in the next articles will provide more and more about this information. Please take care of yourself and others. Remember us in your prayers. Thanks for visiting our site and Keep visiting our site for the best and unique articles.

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