Golf Course Drone Photography with Gary Lisbon

If you are a fan of golf and you are a fan of photography opportunities, you may have heard of Gary Lisbon, an Australia-born world-travel course photographer who sits on Golf Magazine’s Top 100 Ranking Channel, considered a definitive list. Goes has shot over 500 courses in 24 countries, among the best golf courses in the world and is a member of Australian descent and one of my favorite courses is the Official Photographer of the Royal Melbourne Golf Club, which is our nod to the CJ Cup Was lucky enough to steal Gary at sunrise in Korea during a recent trip and to learn his tips and tricks on how to photograph a golf course from the sky, I’m Gary Lisbon at a golf course photographer outside Australia And we’re currently in nine bridges in South Korea.

It’s about six o’clock in the morning and it’s about the sun to come up and it looks great so we’re getting really excited about the images to catch For one day here Siege of a cup. Justin Thomas in another m course int condition so all elements are in place for what should be a pretty amazing shoe It is called Sunseeker and what it does is recognize that this coming up of the sun is so important in the morning When I don’t know where the sun is still maybe a little early, but what you can see is where the sun’s location is, so you can see where the sun is now and it’s about to rise and that’s the way From which he is going. To go upstairs and just have a super cool little drone on that path great footprint and the other thing I shot was a few smart controllers that just instantly start the whole process without being captured and It just works directly so don’t worry about iPad or phone or anything like that, it works perfectly.

I’ve got a lot of batteries. Sea batteries are an important challenging thing because we said they are expensive, but they identify your lifeline drone. All along, depending on the M serial number and ID in the country it depends on whether you need a notification to register the other big thing about the drone, is that you can actually put it in the sky and see Where the sun first hit the golf course is really important because you think it’s going to hit the 18th hole first, but you need to be down around the 5th hole so now it’s put it in the sky and see around it that it is going to five so that you can climb over the head.

Wairākei Golf Course, Taupō | AA New Zealand

No problem over five. I used to argue that if my heart started racing it would be a good shot, so there are golfers, We just love looking at the sun, which goes out of the way of the fair of the sun, this is the beginning of the day when the sun starts is low enough that you really need all the subtlety in the mound and their hills and hammock Appreciation is that as the sun rises, that’s not all you get, so I would just give the software to another flag, Hmm, what looks like is the final result at a particular hole, so it’s the final destination that also gives you a sense of perspective because you know how high a flag is relative to the surroundings, so that’s what I look at I capture it.

I plan my head. I usually need to get shots in every hole so you can mentally land those in your head and some holes depending on the time of day. Better exist than the ones you see that once the sun hits the course it completely explodes the entire course. And then you go on running, you go on and on like a kid in a Lalli shop, CJ caps appear at the right place at the right time and the magic shop that is magic challenge now we Is near ‘Two batteries were used, only four used to go and then a good amount of money is just starting now, so you just need to balance not to do anything unnecessarily outside so I got two drones Have I found one that I call Chief and one that I have just called in terms of backup.


During the few years where a drone had fallen from the sky once it was not my fault and other times I panicked throughout. And I hadn’t seen a tree and it was my fault, so now I am completely gone. Only two drones met when one decided not to work or an accident with it meets three, so we Hands on head. It’s just now when I get excited let’s say after four or five days of shooting that it can be 800 photos and then it’s a matter of going through them and reviewing what works. This will not happen and when we are doing on the ground, especially there is ground stuff in one place like nine bridges, then there is often a lot of distance between green and tea.

You waste time like this, but with the drone, you put it straight up in the sky and you just keep going so I remember I was going on the Royal Tron and I wanted to get a stamp shot and Sun head. I noticed that there was a gap between the cloud and the sunset on the horizon and I went out there, ran to set my camera, my shot got maybe 10 seconds of sun and then it just turned into storms and it rained. But I got the shot so I went back to the clubhouse. Wet quite wet, but happy to believe I got the shot I needed.

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