Welcome to Gulf Besikers Welcome to the beginning of the game for a small game. We have tried to learn the basics of the short game by the end of this series. We’re playing with more confidence and shooting lower scores, the edge game is about controlling the matter of distance in our five-part video series, we’re going to give you the skills to help you Help improve the game. Be sure to watch the atomizer rip off the bunkers and even get the skills to practice on it. When you have watched Part 1 take care of my golf buck to see the rest and sign for free Makeup if you are new to the game or are just looking to speed up your off-shore game, then this video series is a must-see that let’s take charge of your game now and before we do such fantastic golf courses Big thanks to Osprey for supplying. For all these in situ ions that were doing in the small game of the beginning, we are on the 17th green. We are talking about the chip and run shot.

Now it is important for the audience to understand what is chip and run and they In which case the shot will be needed. Well it is important to know that you are not always going to beat, so what is going to happen is you find yourself green and the chip disappears and that is basically when you are away from the green Are, it’s a short distance away and you’re really looking to do this by sticking the golf ball in green as close as possible and actually driving the ball towards the hole so that it’s a very short shot, It doesn’t require much power and it doesn’t need much height, but there are many different clubs that you can use to play shots depending on a situation, so it’s really important to know that How the club affects the shot is why they give you some examples so that you can actually chip in with someone.

Three iron below your love with your iron and It is really important to understand how these functions reduce the number of scaffolding so the loss is reduced which means that it is actually much more moving and actually flying. I go very little which helps you when determining which club to use green. Now here is the first shot I played here. It was a seven iron, so what you are going to notice is this three. The bottom is the scaffold that lands very quickly on the green and leads to rolling most of the time. The hole is now the second shot with a pitching wedge with a slightly lofted club in the bag which you can see again that it is from the Seven Eye Has landed a little further and is lower than the seven iron and the third shot is with my sand wedge. Most of the lofted clubs in the bag. You can see a bit of high flying land over and over again and spend a little less on the ground, So it is really important that you understand and make a habit of how these shots react with different clubs because you will get that position.

Is going to help assess the situation which is really important for what we need to do next, we need to assess the position of the shotty right here is what Nandi wants me to show you to the audience and the situation Have to talk through We have it here and how would you approach that it’s okay okay look we’re six yards between the ball and the green and then we’ve gone fifteen yards to the hole to the green slope from left to right and Is a little bit. Downhill too so that’s why I’m really keeping all these things in mind when choosing the right club. Now think about whether you can bring the golf ball closer to you in as much efficient and consistent way as possible. But we still want to take the golf ball to the green so that’s why my landing spot is going to be a better yard here which will help me determine which club I use now remember less Scaffolding is less in number and golf ball is more time to be on the ground.

Now I have learned from my playing experience that I have played a lot of chip shots that I know and this is a pitching wedge in which the pitching wedge is expected The golf ball will be grounded approximately green in about a yard and then actually roll. Holes and this is something that you guys really need to practice a lot for yourself and the experience will really help determine what the club is going to do and that experience from myself again is what really makes me Helps that I think is good. That’s good Andy. You’re using the club as you said. It’s going to get the lowest possible flight, but the ground is still green. But now through an experience you can find that it is better to lose it all the way.

The flag in our experience when we have seen golfers that don’t usually happen is the lower option is usually definitely more consistent so now we have to do it once We assess the situation to see how the shot is actually played, then walk and talk about the technique. Andy, I really like that you assess that situation, but does it work. Let’s find out if we will give you my place on the flash.

If I really choose the right club, it is that PPM of your mind. Turns every right, I am so ready to go to the ground with the hope that the yard on the green will show you how the ball will move towards the hole and about the yard. It wasn’t great for the green, but much nicer than a little nerd alright alright, so that’s the kind of stuff you’re seeing in the set before we get into the actual movement of the stroke and actually strike. Which is obviously very important. Yes, what we are looking for in the technique of setup is okay. Well look at this is completely different if you have seen that long game of golf and you worked on it. So it’s just very different for that thing.

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It’s actually very similar to how we hold golf clubs. So we’re going to keep the same grip so if you haven’t seen that make sure you go and see if it Golf is going to give some good ideas on how to hold the club so we can go together. On a scale of 1 to 10, the same hold grip pressure is going to be very light, I would say somewhere around 3 or 4 points that I am not really tight on it, but light enough so that we feel something in the club Can. Okay, why are you doing this so that you realize that I’m going to ask you that thank you, so we always talk about what it’s all about that it definitely controls distance Is a game to do, so don’t have to make it so this is going to be different?

A 7-iron. So what am I going to do to them, grab your setup normal here, but note that my legs are really fine together now? Any power is going to dissipate. Pierce. We don’t really need to separate the legs too much because I’m ready to steady, I’m going really close to the goal and I’m very honest now to the club. -Would see Lohe so different, where I’d stay like this broad stance and stand far away and I think a lot of people when they do that when they find the club very honest, it feels very different And we often tell people to be more honest and more honest and more honest then just exaggerate that to start off properly and to stop more honest again. And pretty close together and I’m going to put the golf ball roughly in the center of the heels so that some people can actually hold it down. Club on this shot which is fine or you can go full length like a normal shot, it is actually a bit of personal choice that some people hold down to feel a bit more control of the golf club, so I Done right.

Close the nice and long posh ball in the middle of the stands and from here on I’m going to do a little favor of their lead side on the lead leg and the shaft is taking a few piers forward and it’s going Is actually help me get this critical strike. Golf ball. It’s going to allow it to land almost as soon as you hang the shot as an element. So that’s why I should see another one from this set here because It looks exactly the way you described it, under the slightest hit it didn’t look like it was actually just a yard short and look at the shot spill and that’s clearly the beauty of the shot and that’s The reason we really want to go very low is yes because the quicker we can get, the more consistent it is to move the golf ball toward the hole.

A is a perfect example giving you the right strategy so that you can fully assess the situation, but because you had a good assessment of a situation the result is still very good if you were just standing there with a lob wedge And you got the wrong one as you got that one wrong yes maybe a disaster has happened on my shot so look it’s really important that we build a consistent set but I think you described ed that strike. About the entirety of how we’re going to get that strike. When we’re doing what we’re going to do that’s going to look. I’ll see when it peels off then we have to work here Got scaffolding. We haven’t got to try and help it, which a lot of people still try and do, so it’s really making sure that we can get the strike that keeps us constantly at a distance. Is going to help give control and at the same time it is perfect. And don’t you know that this is probably when you are first starting one of the biggest causes of clutter that is trying to lift a golf ball in the air, let the scaffold work so that it To show people how you are.

It’s okay to do this in the context of my practice swing, it’s really going to help shape and give such consistent strikes so you can see from here that I saw my arms And have incorporated their club into this well-structured structure.

What I want to do from here is do I really want to make sure that I can hit the ground almost exactly where the ball is going to be but I want to keep the structure with hands and hands so you can see here What I’m not going to get any independent movement is to break down the head of the club and the structure below that actually makes it very consistent, but you don’t necessarily want that in this shot and actually get a good strike on the shot Makes it harder to do so my practice swing.

I’m making sure that I brush the ground and keep the structure so you can see that I still get light pressure in the hands, but my structure in the hands and arms is very consistent and it Really helps control the distance which is the key as well and you can see when you are hitting the grammar, you are not taking a big split from the ground. Are you really brushing the grass. Are, so I think you really know the important thing to get a pair Practice the swings before hitting the shot. Kurt and the brush should not throw the re-cast grass that you hit but again because it is very easy for you to judge the ball in that area because of that area.

The opposite which is ten yards ahead and you can see below is still going on and it is like a lot of shots that I will take any day of the week, you are probably definitely not talking so important for all those puts Now actually once we have got the right setup on strike it is all about distance control, which is the most important thing, before we get into distance control, we talk about two main lethal things Are what we see golfers do, when it comes to cheating on you, you want to avoid these if you are the first golfer while trying to help wind up the golf ball, we see that they Put all the weight on your hind legs and often rub the wrist in such a way that remember to try and help lift the golf ball up in the air Keep the lofts going to do all the work we need to do. Keep the weight on the front foot and the structure in the arms. Now the second is when golfers try and get the golf club to swing straight below the goal line. This makes it really difficult to get a good solid strike on a golf ball.

Want to swing through the goal line on the way through the golf club and as you can see my weight is on this lead shape. Let’s give it a shot. Put the weight on the front leg. Move the grab club in. And keep that structure. Now because we’re cheating, we’re assuming you’re going to be very precise so the most important part of the shot is the distance control, so are you able to control that distance and now we’re How do you want to pass? How you want to control it is about controlling the speedwell, no different for a full 7-iron where we get such a huge increase in speed as we move the golf ball a good distance. Trying to hit on and we always talk about your game. Controlling it. If we can control the speed it’s going to be very easy to control the distance and it changes a lot compared to Let’s say hit a 7-iron theater so think about it if you think about the judge. The distance of the backswing is going to be the distance how far the ball is going and what we want to do with it, Is actually to match the distance through the swing you swing the club back so I’m just going to do a shot here or swing back and through here and you’ll know that the backswing has a lot of thru There are equal distances. It helps to create a smooth movement that helps you judge that distance and I think B.

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If you can really change the distance or think about it, the length of your backswing is very easy to sue over the distance, actually trying to slow down almost or at a very fast pace is hard enough to do it. Is and does you justice well and you can see that when you are going back and through the same distance if you h ave some practice strokes there we can see that the speed is very consistent as you are It is a very steady pace when we often see golfers especially for the first time when they are through such an aggressive swing and it is very difficult to understand that right too well so that if we get it back And through the same distance you can notice that there is much better control over the distance, so okay yes once we have built then realize that you know you need to understand for example different – Different targets are met, which you want to go, so if you have a target on the green front in front of us, different swing swing length is required, It’s obviously going to look less at fault with the difference that what I’m going to do here now is just the length of the change that you can see there that is going to produce a slower speed that is going to produce a shorter distance Used to be.

If I went to the flag there, what we would see is now a bit longer and through a similar distance and if we had a top position, I would now just take that whole swing as much as actually just trying to Resist motion.

It’s amazing how you can set that distance, just by increasing the length a little yes. I think what strikes me is the amount of practice swing when we go through this process. Which we have when we’re doing this and practice when you’re on the golf course, the swing talks about the area when you hit the whole 7-iron on the golf course, do you really have a practice The rink is needed, probably not, but you know that it’s a very repeatable distance, but on a short shot when you’re trying to figure out that you’re trying to see the situation And find out what speed you need when the practice swing can be really good and also that the grounders are interacting with wrestling. Let’s say now we’re ready to play shots.


Let’s go back to the flag. Yes, now there is one thing we all like to do to our students when they are playing that chip shot and that is the number one thing that I Looks like you should do it. It’s okay. It’s the grip. Your finish is fine so when we do this we want to make sure that we hit a swing shot and hold your finish because it’s going to give you feedback that Is going to give you feedback on the length of the swing but what are you doing with your hands and arms, which we talked about here, if we hold the finish and we release that kind of club from the body Granted, we know that the shot may not be the best shot there and may fall back. On that backward we discussed earlier, I’m trying to lift it. It means that if you commit those deadly sins, you will be fully aware when you catch up. Of course, I will go to play the shot here, and let’s evaluate. I do yes to this one place and let’s see four. You can even maybe my technique I give my dad 10 out of 10 here we are fine not three I tell you what will happen if we catch there andy we can see it and this is a very good There is a golf shot but we can see that the weight is still there. The main arms.

The structure of your arms was very good, I know the contact with the ground was very good and the club is also being generated around you, we have looked at all the things we are looking for when we play one shot, there is no point that you play another one. What we are going to give me is the one I give you that you give me so you To see what we have done, just at the end of a shot is put into the hit of that shot. The basics of golf starting the short game, we hope you like it. Now that you go and do your practice and we will see you in part two where we talked about the cutting unit, so we hope you enjoy part 1 of the early golf basics of the short game. Please post any comments and questions below to make sure you don’t miss out on the next 4 p. The art you need to go to my golf pro to be there in the corner for a 30-day free trial Click the link.

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