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Today we are going to help you understand the golf swing because you are more for all beginners, I am pregnant and I am award. You have joined us in a fantastic Espera Hole Golf Club and you are today The question of watching me and my golf TV at night comes from Mark Johnson via Facebook and basically asking if he can learn some of the fundamentals of the golf swing and he watches a lot of videos via YouTube And there is a lot.

It’s very contradictory and seems to be a bit confusing again and a lot of it is aimed at golfers trying to fix it, rather than helping them build a pretty good golf swing. Do so we want to do this video and this is something we don ‘t do a lot for beginners, so hopefully they saw that it would help you a lot today if you are just starting the game So one of the big things with beginners is the place is really important. We talk a lot about it. I am. A lot of people have w today about what they should do in the golf swing, we know that we want to make sure that you really understand what we try to do with the golf swing and then some There is practical that you can use.

Go through some of the mistakes that a lot of you make, so the first thing we’re going to talk about is Pearce, which is probably the most important part of the golf swing, which is different from both sides of the swing yes and what. We’re looking to produce a consistent or straight shot, okay, so first of all we want to hit the golf ball, yes right on the straight piece, and it would seem obvious that you know the logical thing. Is that what we want to do is hit. The ball is so straight that what the golf club needs to do best to do this and I really relate to this is when I first started playing golf I felt it would be necessary to keep the club’s goal in mind.

Because he’s got to turn the club around the body. As soon as we put the ball in front of us, it’s going on an arc, so it’s not a real straight line, it has to rotate around our body. , So the biggest common mistake that we see is a lot of people and hit a straight shot, they think the club should travel back in a straight line and through a straight line and that will definitely stretch you. Will not allow killing. There is definitely nothing that we want you to understand. The club is going to move around so much in and around with a good golf swing, we want the club to move from the goal line back to the goal line, then along the goal line on the way so you can see that there is nothing straight. The line is expected to travel in that the ball but the golf club does not travel in a straight line which will help us to produce a straight shot pitch but something else will also help to separate us from the direct shot as well as the direction.

The club is swinging that the game is yes, it really is so important that yes, so we need a taste racket for this year to highlight the difference so we’re going to switch the camera view here, okay So now let’s highlight this piece again. It’s another thing that people get confused, plus they think it’s okay to hit that ball straight, we keep that club pointing at that goal. Have got to have, which later lots of ah shots and for tonight I mean I think again because the goal is towards the pool. I know that if you are putting it in then you put it straight And it’s a little bit easier to keep straight from the back and put different ways there again, but as we keep the ball away from us it’s a lot of people struggling with a driver.

I think when they first let’s start because the concept of folding is not correct, so using this tennis racket still got the cover arm, if you notice that I get high from the waist The situation we are talking about at the beginning of the video, we can now see the cover there because I swing at the same point along the way through which you will see that we can see the strings and a lot of people will do how to start with this face. So what the position piece was doing in the backswing and through the swing, so it’s healing so keep the face open from the backside and then we allow the face to go down to move closer to a square position then He closes, so you can see that the golf club will open and close again, while Pearce mentioned that a lot of people are trying to keep it square on the way back and then straight and again. Taking the salute from that path so that we also salute Very rarely do people see when they first start walking, it is often familiar with rotation and the way there is weight in the back and the way, so It seems like we said that they have got the concept that this is a really important thing The club does not move around the target line on an arc and directly and the clubface opens and closes.


Now how do we put it into something practical that we can slice so we got a golf club laughter, yeah okay I mean you know that one of the problems we have with coaching is sometimes you get very complicated, but do you think it’s important to have these checkpoints, so I think that week One great thing for people that I like to do when they are first is to allow the club to start but at this waist-high position whether leading edge or total golf but we want to point it out And through this again on the way we want to point this out. I think this is a really useful checkpoint because people can do this in mini swings so they can stand here to do it.

Hit a few shots and what happens is that they turn on the club, but they have a habit of knowing how to bend the body and this Really important and working on this art of golf swing on this P is just the most important where we are going to hit the golf ball. Well if we can work on it and then maybe we move on because we Getting better and better and more comfortable with it.

The help that is taking place just to increase power but definitely allow the club to be in the correct position and opening and closing through the club and moving around the body is going to have a major impact on your stability P And I know it is for this Mark who is probably starting in the game, but I know for a fact that I have taught people who have been playing the game for 10 years and I tell them that the club What to do and they really think it should be straightforward and they have been doing this for 10 years, so get the right concept from the beginning mark and it will really help you grow from there yes me Think the most important thing so let’s come this is just a shot please let’s just show you get me now just to be great for you to go back to the site through waist height ok, to the club I’ve now got the driver here to allow me to open and close and I really get people to start again with great I am 20 yards yeah and I think as you know let’s just do it and it’s really hard, but soft to start the ball, but the drive is absolutely yes Yes of course I usually do, but yes on this one literally I’m going to bring the Me Club and turn it on and get it about 20 yards.


Now it can actually look like it’s almost too May sound soft but for me, this is a great way to learn those positions when you feel comfortable. After that put the power in a very good mark. I think the most important thing you can take it today is the concept that you know that we want to make sure that you understand what the golf club will be doing if you understand Is that it is going to have a wide impact. On learning and what you are doing your golf swing so please post your comments guys again you know that I mean a lot of you may have a wrong concept in your mind.

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