The Best Golf Short Game Practice Drill

I am a deep Redman and you are here for this week’s Shore Game Challenge with us at Ashery Hall Golf Club. Your short game but right under pressure. Now, this is going to help you track your progress. To see if you are getting better or not, they are part of a team, basically we Nine different shots are going to be played. In green, we have three easy three medium and three difficult. Now the idea is that we want to see clearly whether we can move the golf ball up and down as the nine balls are equal to 18. Level equals.

I think 18 would be world class. If you get close to that, then well done so I want to play three shots today and I’m gonna give myself a target of six which would be level par. Choose an easy and medium and a hard one fine so that we will see how I do and then hopefully you ca n give it around the practice area or even to go to the golf course and post your comments.

Do or post your results and tell me you’re getting it so let’s look at it and see what I do with three shots’ figure out that we’re going to start with a basic chip easily first And run the first pop properly so the first part in the bag now go here with a slightly harder light slightly different club for the medium.

A little bit of a little slope, so let’s see if I can give it here. Let’s go, so it’s important that you stay that way in your routine and do exactly what we’re trying to do again. The real simulation of a good game is to shoot two in a row, right there, so here is a little hard-taken green bullet in the bunker, so yes we can pass when you get it from here, The super bar will be placed there to protect itself from difficulty, but I can still make it okay, so I’m left here with a 15-foot in the same park and have reached the goal of six I have re-set where we talk to talk about pressure, now that again it’s a simulation of the real game and you’re definitely including it in my practice session let’s see if I can roll it for the park.


Let’s see if I can get six shots and there we have seen that I have saved my leg again gracefully so that people To help improve the game, but at the same time give it some pressure to choose your 9 spots around One Go Green and post your scores below you.

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