Rules of GOLF: How To PLAY GOLF: Golf Rules For Beginners EXPLAINED

How to play golf, friends. The game of golf disappoints you. It seems too complicated to understand the rules of golf. If I tell you that there is a process to build a lifelong love of golf, I promise you If you watch this full video about how to play golf you will be able to play and understand the game of golf rules like a pro so let’s first understand what every beginner needs to know before they enter a golf course The object of golf is to get the object of the game from your ball. Starting the point or hole in green.

The hole is marked by a flag. The idea is that you have to get your ball into the hole in some of its shots because the possible hole is not just a physical hole, but refers to the whole area in green. The colored tee where the physical hole is so that what you need to play golf golf balls. Golf club wooden tee gloves and a golf bag Now let’s understand which shot driver club to use for which goal ball To achieve as far as possible get more than 150 yards of shots at the een hybrid club on the 2 – 9-iron shot which is usually 120 to 190 yards, which is less than 2 yards.

Uses a lesser number of 2 irons for shots at a distance, higher numbers for shorter shots while hitting smaller high shots near the green. This is in green after the ball from the hedge or sanh muckers putter into the hole. Or sometimes to get away from the green golf rules to enjoy the game of golf altogether, you should know that golf rules are the best for the ball. चाहिए Must hit using the standard club from the beginning.

The green in each hole and finally in the hole that is flagged by the flag players is thrown the farthest from the hole which is going away from the hole, whichever is earlier. At least one takes a shot at the hole, he will be known. The penalty for the first lost ball consists of a stroke, in which the balls go out of bounds or you have five minutes to find your ball in water hazards and if the ball is lost in the editio then the penalty is both a Shot happens if you go out of bounds or only players from fourteen clubs in the water can not take advice from anyone other than their partner or the ball should be played, as it is played only when you meet.


Do not move the brakes or stabilize or bend anything, in addition to improving your normal stance, you can put your ball on the green player to improve your line of sight or your field of swing, lift. Mark and clean his ball for so long as the players could repair the ball marks or hole plugs, but no spike marks that would have been on the golf scoring line Are, golf has its own language, ace means a hole-in-one means a predetermined number of strokes that a scratch golfer.

A hole birdie means a hole is required to be completed on a hole bogey under equal means a stroke on a hole on par with a stroke on a double bogey on a hole equal on a two stroke eagle on a hole in a par Under two stroke or double eagle means that three strokes on a hole, which is to win golf, most pro events use strokes, the stroke play system events are held on the winning days, He is the player who completes 72 holes for the round of 18 in the lowest number of shots. Hope you have learned the golf rules and now you know how to play golf properly.

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