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Hi everyone and welcome to me and my golf Basics on how to play golf Yes we have made a four week plan for you how you can learn to play golf that you love Let’s go here Take charge of the game. By distorting the myths and explaining the concepts, we are going to show you how you can make goals how to make a golf ball and how to run and practice a golf club [music] Golf Knowing that, we clearly have a goal that usually happens to hit a green flag or fairway, so it’s important that we understand how to aim and stand – the golf we Before we are going to talk about the ball, we get to the most important part which is exactly the grip.

Start with the alignment so that the first thing we are going to do is a club at the target. So below the golf club, we have something called the leading edge here. Now your job is to get out of that 90-degree line leading to the flag in this example. Shore If I want to hit a straight sho tee on target so that the head of my club is now aimed from there, I need to align my body with the target the way we align our body, we call it that Let’s run parallel to the goal line that we just created.

Clubhead so we mean the legs are knees, hips and shoulders are all running parallel to the target line created by the clubhead so that my body alignment is sorted next, so that we In this example how far we are with width and 7-iron, we want to separate the shoulder width and then as far as the position of the ball is concerned, you can see that the center of my stance is the golf ball there. So much further than the center in my stance OK that it takes care of it in a very simple way that it’s really worth practicing, but it’s worth understanding how to keep the feet and where that ball goes in the all-important grip. Time to leave.

The most important part of the week 1 In the next four weeks of planning we are going to talk about the golf club, so it is important to understand what the parts of the golf club are called, so first of all our Some people call it a handle but we call it to grip then we have a shaft and then we have a club head. Now the clubhead we have a face and we have already talked about golf. There are different loaves on the faces of the club. The distance depends on how you want to hit the shot.

This is where it gets a little confusing that we have a toe and weel on our head and heel of the foot and obviously we have the leading edge. It is also mentioned that it is important to understand these different parts of the golf club because we get to the main part before the next four weeks which is about the grip and how you practice, we hope that you Enjoying the video, if you know us, hit the thumbs and leave us a comment too. Turn down below and we would love for you to participate in the scheme. If you just want to go for me then in my golf comment details Click on the link and we will see you that there is a hole in the right grip.

This is the most important thing. People who see this must be really wondering why this is so important, I mean there are many reasons why this is the most important for us. Part because it is the first thing that it is the only part of your body holding the golf club that it Also controls. The angle that you swing the club around your body, but the most important part is it controls the clubface, so it controls the hitting area on your shot so it’s really important to let’s talk about it and show people how it brings the club back to golf. The important thing about balls is that it gives us an example of something. Let’s catch some bad holes or a bad one.

Obviously, if the shot is going to the left and right it can be down in the alignment of the hands if we think about it. Is that I’ve got my leading-edge, I’ll take my stand if I have too many goals to the right of one or both hand grip handles like that then I swing the club back and strike the golf ball. Wanting to point the face to the left, so we can hook the golf ball to the left if I got my hands on it and move them too far to the left of the golf club, as I swing back down to strike the golf. Kee wants to see the ball to the right and we have been coaching for a long time and now we see Andy and because of this people cut the golf ball and hook it.

As of today something you are going to make it work for a long time so it is important that you get it right so that let’s go through exactly how we want them to catch golf. Okay so this is a routine That you need to see to make it as relevant as possible

We prefer you to stand upright for almost attention. When you are about to do this, the feet together put the golf club in front. Now you need to be very careful with the major part of the golf club so that the bottom of the golf The part club that we have already mentioned. I wish they were going to put their hands on the first hand from there pointing straight up in the air.

Now you will see that I got a glove on my left hand so you want So wearing a glove can help maintain grip and control so you want it in your case for your lead left hand, so now from there saying that the edge points to the edge of the golf. Going to run the club’s grip in the middle of the index finger under the little finger of the left hand, then from there I’m going to close my hand on the golf club, so I’m making sure I’m realizing that this resistance As more fingers are in the palm because this is something we golfers like to see, so this hand The heel is very high up and then when they do that all kinds of problems happen, then from the middle of the index finger going down from the bottom of the little finger, from there you close your hands on the golf club, I’m keeping an eye on that leading edge.

Now when I’m looking at that knife, I let go with my right hand. I can see all the knuckles on the back of my left hand and I can see the logo on the back of the glove. So the right hand now comes into play. Always like to place the hand on the shaft as if facing towards the target with the palm. I can slide my hand under the golf club and then put my fingers and thumb on the golf grip. But so you can see that my right thumb is sitting on top of the left thumb so this is going to give me that kind of freedom when I’m swinging a golf club and it’s getting a lot easier that club When I put the golf club down. I have my major edge going to my target, but as I look down I can see two maybe two A.

The half hand is on my glove and there is a V form between the thumb and index finger on the right hand which is on my right. Going very high up the arm, I think you’ve got a pretty good place to start. Now that seems like a lot of information, but the more you practice it, the more you can stop it now and Can play it back. The more you practice it the more automatic it is worth making sure you spend time doing it because it is such an important role in hitting some good golf shots. Now a question you may have That you are all asked to do this or you need to shake hands, plus we are not going to ask you to do that at this point we say ‘we say baseball hold’, where we put hands together I do not combine them with interlocking to white because this is what we are going to do with potential later.

I think experience has shown us that whenever people have tried to knead the fingers it really does. The hands go into a bad position. We really want to be tense that we want to see the hands that way when there is a Golf jumps are fine so catch now. Let us show you how people show you. If you go to the driving range or practice area then practice, this is what we need to do, we do 30 golf balls a week. I remember, now once we have done the motion we have caught it which we know how to stand and our body we should use a tee or we should go off the ground, yes I mean see You can do whatever you want to do that you find the most comfortable.

We would definitely recommend starting using a tee, if you are on this type of grass area you can clearly see the height You can adjust if you are on a border map so you can have a fixed tee a certain rubber tee but you can do with this You can experiment if you really need to start with a high T. It’s perfectly fine to make it easy for you.

So it’s perfectly fine but you keep in mind that what you get is better. And the more advanced you are, the less we want to reduce this tee speed, ultimately it’s like you’re grounding yes and they’re getting a driving range like the black tee, in general, that’s just above the ground line Is what we would suggest if you could get started on that, but you need to change it a little bit, so again it is to keep in mind that we want to hit the ground at some point and if it really is that way It’s very hard to do, come on, how do these guys need to go for Week 1 practice, okay, so I’m just going to stand here on the same side as you said Andy 30 balls at least we want it for this. Just going through that grip. I’m going to go through the routine again. The sooner you do this the quicker and then look at the edge going down from there. It feels good.

Now release the stance, the left foot is slightly reduced compared to the right foot, allowing us to get the golf ball towards the center of the target side and we are asking you to just swing something from here.

You forget any swing length you feel comfortable with, because you don’t know your concept, now it’s a slight arc around the body, but you can see that when I do these exercises If I had been, I would brush on the ground so that you could go a little further back if you wanted, but again keep in mind that when you are doing this you are trying to brush the ground. I would really do a hit in a moment but every time you do that you are trying to brush the ground. Inevitable when you’re doing this you’re going to miss the ground, but that’s why practice swings are so important to you so I’m going to step on the golf ball.

Now make sure that the leading edge is my goal. Is pointing to I’m taking my stand. I’m taking a look at the grip. Make sure I’m getting along with it and I want to do that when I hit this golf ball, the ball has to be clear away. , But I want to hit the T-pee and, when I hit this shot, definitely hit the ground, causing the T-peg to pop out. It is okay that I think the important thing for sure is that Pierce has a thing that looks very simple, but he is a very good golfer. Now remember this week so this is the first time you are at this level. But you can miss the golf ball which is perfectly fine.

Just use a swing to practice to get a good grip. Make sure you are hitting the ground perfectly and you will start to see improvement as well. After the shot you will need to step into the club. Make sure you align the grip. Do not hit one golf ball properly, without changing my grip straight after each other. I am doing another exercise when I am doing this left leg slightly right leg. Went into Re-matching the leading edge a bit more. The stance is looking good. Let’s see if we can get two out of two. They are pretty decent. I would love them so I think the important thing I think That is some of the things that we have covered this week.

Today I should say that the grip is the most important thing that we want you to take home from it because if you get this right then hitting some straight golf shots is so much It is easy to be absolutely important. [Music] Over the next four weeks we are going to break the myths and explain the concepts. It is now so important on your journey to play golf that you understand what we want to achieve in the golf swing Trying and I’m sure your friends want to. There are a lot of things to help you and give you some friendly advice that are thrown around that can really harm you so we are breaking those myths and allowing you to create the perfect picture and image in your mind Going to help The right speed S. O.

Pierce first gets into the myth, which requires you to swing right in order to hit it straight away to guess what kind of sound it is like you should do when you first The bar starts playing golf, you want to hit the golf ball straight so we swing straight. Let’s show you what it really looks like. If I’m going to swing the club back then it’s exactly the same Looks like the club is going back on the straight track coming back into effect and then is now on the straight track. You can probably see that doesn’t really look like a golf swing, which you’ve seen before in golf. Hitting balls with that thought process is not going to help you, so if we don’t want to swing straight then talk to us and paint the right picture for these people to get the concept we really want, After that we think exactly as soon as you stand on the side of a golf ball, the club should now roll around the body.

Says, if I go my golf swing now back you will see that the clubhead is moving almost straight away from the goal line so it is moving around the body as it goes to the top of the backswing and then downwards We can get the art in this way downwards which is always a good thing for consistency, then I get to strike because I then pass the swing where the ball was, now you can see that The clubhead is getting up from that target line as it goes up and in the end, there is nothing traveling directly around my body so the golf club is really really important to you guys in your mind To understand that view let’s take a look at the head from a different point of view as here and you.

‘From above the head you will see that the club immediately revolves around the body, it is not traveling all the way from the bottom of the goal line to the back and as we now swing down.

This in effect goes back towards the goal line and as we go past, you can again see it moving past that goal line so that the right mm type an image in your brain will actually shape the concept of your thoughts Is going to help and it’s going to make a big change on your gosling, that’s a question we want you to think about if you should hit the golf ball, it’s There is something that we ask a lot of our students, especially thinking about beginner golfers, we are getting into the next myth, getting under it is okay again it makes sense in a way that if We want to get the golf ball up in the air like any other sport you’ve ever done so you’ve got to knock it down.

It seems like when we’re bringing it down from the bottom I was swinging with an attempt to bring it down so I could fall on my hind leg, I could throw the clubhead under the golf ball like with this problem I’m probably going to tee hitting the ground before the golf ball or if I miss the ground, I can hit the top of the golf ball and send it up along the ground, so below it or under it Meet is not really going to help you. We are moving that we are re-explaining the concept that they are portraying the right image in their minds. So what are we doing? Do you know that we are actually hitting the golf ball as a club? Huh.

The head is descending, so it looks a little bit more, as if you are swinging down, we want the club head to descend until it hits the golf ball and then hopefully what happens then Happens, then you strike the ground where the golf ball was and the club is almost going down in this area, now we can do it after the golf ball is because we put the scaffold on the club face so that you See here and now I got this golf cover in my hand, we have a hitting area angled u then there is scaffolding on the face of the club that gets up in the air and that’s what we need so we’re back Shouldn’t try to hang up and take it down because we can hit it on a golf ball.


Work on top of the scaffold and understand that when we see people play golf shots if they partake of the turf then yes it The golf is in the back of the ball, so it is followed by the ball turf and if you can see that image again the massive difference is as you If you go to work in the game, it’s a good thing for the field, so we hope that you have enjoyed this week’s practice plan that we want you to parallel your foot and ball position Align and ensure your grip. You hit the ground on your practice swings and most importantly when we are at the end of Week 1 we have some fun.

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