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Natalie Gulbis (1983) – Golfer and Model

Natalie Gulbis (1983) – golfer, model, was born on January 7, 1983, in Sacramento, California. Best known as the Golfer of the Women’s Professional Association with its calendar.

The biography of Natalie Gulbis suddenly came under the bright light of media spotlights in 2005. Then she became the most popular Golfer in the USA. She is famous not so much for her victories in golf, but the released calendar. It shows the beautiful body of an athlete, dressed only in a swimsuit. Also, Natalie leads the show on the Golf Channel.

In 1997, at the age of 14, she joined the Women’s Professional Golf Association (LPGA), becoming the youngest athlete in the history of the association. Michelle Vee later broke this record. Gulbis played golf at high school in a team of boys. She spent one year at the University of Arizona Golf Team, followed by professional golf in 2002.

Gulbis shows himself as a healthy golfer. In 2005, she became the first athlete to win a million dollars without winning a competition. Finally, in 2007, the first victory took place in the biography of Natalie Gulbis. This happened at the Evian Masters in France. Leggy blonde Natalie Gulbis was named Anna Kournikova in golf due to her excellent appearance, as well as the persistent touting of her sporting achievements.

LPGA Career

Although she has not had the success that many have predicted for her, Natalie Gulbis is a solid performer in her LPGA career and one of the most popular players on tour (among her fans and rivals). Not to mention one of the sex symbols of LPGA. There was a time when Guys’ swimwear calendars completely overshadowed his golf course.

Born in Sacramento, California, Gulbis started playing golf at the age of 4. She won early and is often in junior golf, and at the age of 14, she claimed the California Women’s Championship. That same year, 1997, Gulbis played in his first LPGA tournament. Monday qualifies for the Longs Drugs Challenge, setting the record (since broken) as the youngest LPGA qualifier.

Gulbis played collectively at the University of Arizona in 2000 and 2001, won the 2001 NCAA West Regional and was named All-American in 2001. After her second season, she became a professional. She won her LPGA Tour ticket, finishing third at Q-School, and 2002 was her first year at LPGA. It was also a solid season with four Top 10s; Gulbis finished 39th on the money list and was second in the Rookie of the Year.

Gulbis’s fame broke out in 2004, not for her golf talents, but her looks. She released wall calendars in 2004 (for the calendar year 2005), which included numerous poses in swimwear and bikinis. (It also posed in a bikini for a magazine “laddie” FHM .) USGA even prohibit calendar Gulbis of commercial tents at the US Open in 2004, which significantly increased the profile of Gulbis and her schedule.

(Hot Pics of Natalie Gulbis)

Galbis produced several more swimwear calendars over the coming years, and her sexy public figure continued to overshadow her golf – despite her excellent play. A two-season golf channel camera even followed it for The Natalie Gulbis Show.

Guys’ most recent season was a course in 2005 when she made 26 of 28 LPGA cuts, had 12 Top 10 finishes (career) and finished sixth on the money list (another profession), though without winning. Gulbis set a tournament record (broken) for most non-winning money and finished in the Top 8 in three of the four majors.

She came close to her first win at the Jamie Farr Owens Corning Classic in 2006 but lost to Mi Heun Kim in the playoffs. The next time Gulbis entered the playoffs, she finished her job by earning her first LPGA victory for the Elijah Magistrates in 2007, defeating Joon Jung in the playoffs.


She also played a role in three US Solheim teams. Galbis seemed to have a strong impetus in her career after winning Evian, but her back problems pushed her away. From 2008 to 2010, to combat back pain, Gulbis had only a handful of Top 10 finishes and has not yet restored the shape she was in from 2006-2007. By 2016, she was entering semi-retirement, playing golf tournaments only sporadically as she attempted to pursue a career in television.

Proper Info:-

Date of Birth:-

January 7, 1983

Place of Birth:-

Sacramento, California


 Natalie Galbis has no aliases, except that her LPGA golfers often refer to Nat as a shorthand for Natalie.

LPGA Tour Win:-


Main Championships:-


Awards and Honors:-

  • Member, Solheim Cup Team in the USA, 2005, 2007, 2009
  • NCAA All-America selection, 2001


  • Natalie Gulbis was a player for one season of the television series ” Diary Trump,” ” Celebrity Apprentice.”
  • In 2016, Gulbis spoke in support of US Presidential nominee Trump at the Republican National Convention.
  • In 2005, Gulbis became the first golf player to win more than $ 1 million in one LPGA Tour season without winning this season.

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