Maria Verchenova

By | June 9, 2020

Born Information of Maria Verchenova

– Born on March 27, 1986, in Moscow

– I won the championships of Russia in 2004 and 2006 as an amateur

– Silver medalist of the Universiade in Turin

– In 2007 I became a professional, the only Russian woman in the Ladies European Tour

– At the time of signing the issue, it is in the 310th place in the world ranking of professional golfer

How did you go in for golf?

My dad and I rested in the Czech Republic, and there we met a friend who played golf. He brought us to the club. I went to several classes, the coach said that there are prospects, we must continue. In our form, coordination is essential, and I used to do ballet. Perhaps that is why many things started to work out right away. She was an active child – she ran, jumped. While my parents were relaxing in Karlovy Vary, I played golf, and I got involved. Until the age of 16, my father trained me, after which I began to study with foreign specialists. Maria Verchenova is on the list of top players.

At what age did you decide to become a professional athlete?

I wanted to do ballet, but because of the high growth, my career did not work out there. At the age of 15–16, she was already one of the most influential golfers in the Moscow team, then she decided to devote her life to sports. In summer I trained at home, in winter I went abroad. Now I live mainly in the USA, where many tournaments are held. Maria Verchenova is on the list of top players.

What is your relationship with the Russian Golf Association?

She supports me – both financially and professionally. Now, on the eve of the Olympic Games, this is felt especially strongly. Pays for coach and caddy. In terms of the choice of tournaments, I have complete freedom: I participate wherever possible. Golf has become more athletic and performing at a high level until the age of 45 is no longer possible. I think that my career is about five years old, and I want to “play enough” to the maximum. Last season I had ten tournaments. In this, I aim at 16-18. She Also Has a Scandal.

The official website of the Ladies European Tour ( LET ) Reports

The Russian Golf Association and sponsors help me. Athletes, especially women, earn more from advertising than by playing. It’s more comfortable in this regard – sponsors prefer top golfers from Asia, who are leaders in the ranking, beautiful Europeans with long legs. Therefore, it happens that an athlete occupying the conditional 30th place receives a more significant income than the leader of the rating. In golf, the situation is not the same as in tennis. As a rule, prize prizes in women’s competitions are much lower than in men’s matches. I won the most on British Open and U. S. Open. Maria Verchenova is on the list of top players.

Are you sponsored by Russian companies?

At the moment – exclusively European. Golf in our country is a new sport, and I hope that after the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro its popularity will increase. While I feel a change in attitude only towards me specifically, but not towards golf as a whole, this is still an elite look. She Also Has a Scandal.

What needs to be done to make a difference?

At one time, Boris Yeltsin began to play tennis, and he became fashionable. If the president of Russia goes in for golf, our view will also gain popularity. At the moment, I find the central reserve in obtaining Olympic status. Children and youth schools should open.

Some people think that golf will not develop in Russia because of the climate

In Norway, the atmosphere is not better, and there are a lot of relaxed golfers. Energetic coaches were invited to the country, invested in the education of juniors – they worked correctly with them, drove through tournaments. A similar situation in Finland. She Also Has a Scandal.

How many hours a week do you exercise?

After a short visit to Moscow, I will leave for the USA, where I will train according to the following schedule. Six days a week for six hours (three in the morning and afternoon), I practice golf four times a week for one and a half hours – general physical training. Our workouts are not as intense as in tennis, so they are longer.

Why are women from Asia dominated by women’s golf?

I think the matter is the correct preparation, methodology. Also, there are more people playing golf. You can find reasons for anthropometric data. This sport is more suitable for small people with small leverage. Maria Verchenova is on the list of top players.

Does the Russian and, say, Swiss golf industry operates according to the same laws?

In most domestic clubs, Europeans occupy managerial positions, so the requirements are the same. At the same time, there is a specificity here, so I think that the best managers can be Russians who have been educated in Europe. A similar trend is observed in other countries. In Germany, at first, the English were actively invited to golf clubs, and now almost all Germans are in leading posts. Maria Verchenova is on the list of top players.

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