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Top Rules For The Beginners

Getting involved in the game of golf has a much deeper meaning than just a passion for a new Olympic sport. It is a unique culture that honors many rules, traditions, and legends rooted in the distant 1457, and it is philosophy, aesthetics, and etiquette, a cult of honor for gentlemen and real art for a lady. There are Top Rules For The Beginners in every game, and golf is no exception. But what distinguishes golf from other sports is the inviolability for many centuries of three basic principles.

Top Principles of Golf:-

  • Play the ball as he lay down.
  • Play the field as it is.
  • If neither one nor the other is possible – do justice.

In connection with the popularization of golf, its transition to the official level, and the need for mass competitions, these three rules were indeed not enough, so various English clubs added rules that varied from club to club. However, only in 1754, the official Top Rules For The Beginners were recorded in the document “Top Rules For The Beginners” and, at that time, already consisted of thirteen points.


Organization in the old World

The international standard of Top Rules For The Beginners supported by the organization in the old world – The Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews, which has been performing this function since 1754. Only in 2004, the rights and obligations in the field of compilation and interpretation of golf rules, as well as analyses and decisions on golf rules, were transferred to a new organization called The R&A Rules Limited. And on the other hand, the USGA Golf Association, formed in 1894 in the state of New Jersey, has similar powers in the USA and Mexico.

It is generally accepted that a new edition of the Top Rules For The Beginners is published once every four years and is the result of lengthy, painstaking work, taking into account the comments or recommendations of many golf organizations from around the world. The book includes three main sections:

Three Main Sections:

  • 1. Etiquette and rules of conduct on the field.
  • 2. Terms and definitions.
  • 3. Rules of the game (34 points).

These Top Rules For The Beginners are international and apply to any club in the world where they officially play golf; it may be changed only by the decision of the authorized body.

Understanding that the “Top Rules For The Beginners” itself is a very voluminous and challenging document, which will take a lot of time to read and understand, we will make a small selection and dwell on the basic rules to facilitate their study. These golf rules were reflected by The R&A in 2004 in the Quick Guide to Top Rules For The Beginners, the Rules in Brief, and in 2008, this edition included in the first collection of rules, A Quick Guide to the Rules of Golf.

  • Carefully study the Local rules, which are published on the counting card or a separate information stand;
  • Mark your ball (to avoid a penalty and to quickly identify your shot during the game);
  • Make sure that the number of clubs in the bag is not more than 14 and that they comply with the rules of golf.

During the round: Only your caddy or a teammate can give advice; do not advise anyone other than your partner. But you can ask a question about the Rules, the distance and position of obstacles, a flag, etc.

Kick with Tee:

Always set the ball for the first shot between the tee markers, but not in front of them. You can set the ball for the first hit within two stick lengths behind the line between the tags. If you make the first shot from outside the tee, there is no penalty in a match game, but your opponent has the right to ask you to kill the blow; in the game on the account, you are subject to a penalty of two hits, after which you must play from the right place.

Ball Game:

Play the ball from the position it was in. Do not improve the location of the ball, the zone of the intended stand or swing, and the line of the game by shifting, bending, or breaking something that is fixed or growing, other than directly during the adoption of the game stand or swing. Do not improve the location of the ball by tamping anything.

If the ball is in a bunker or a water barrier, do not touch the ground (water) with your hand or club with a stick or stick and do not move loose interference. You must hit the ball entirely. Do not push, pick up, or rake the ball. If you play the wrong football in a match game, you lose the hole; in the game on the account – you are subjected to a penalty of two hits, after which you obliged to correct the mistake by playing with the correct ball. If you believe that you have found your ball but are not sure about it, you can mark and raise it to determine ownership – with the permission of your marker or opponent.

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