Golf For Beginners: So You Want To Play Golf

How To Become a Golfer in the Golf Ground

Golf is a sport that competes for a small number of hits from hitting the first shot from the starting point, called the teeing ground, to put the ball into the cup (hole) on the green. The distance to aim for the first, second, and third shots until you put them in the container will be different, so use multiple clubs to make it easier to hit them accurately. For example, if the hole is 330 yards in length, the first shot uses a driver that can fly the ball to the maximum extent, hits the ball 230 yards away, and the remaining chance is 100 yards. You can use it by switching to a club that is easier to hit. In other words, the main reason to use multiple clubs in golf is to separate distances. Golf For Beginners Plays an important role in the field of golf.

Golf Club Types

There are several types of golf clubs. It helps you to understand everything


The club with the most extensive and most extended head. A club designed specifically for the first shot (tee shot) hit from the teeing ground, allowing the ball to fly the farthest away.

2.Fairway Wood

It is a club with a smaller driver’s head. The club that can fly the ball above the ground most, with multiple lofts of types and counts.


Club located between fairway woods and irons. Originally developed as a replacement for long irons, it is now a famous club used by many golfers. Multiple loft types and counts are available.


A club with multiple loft types and counts sold as a set. Use to hit a shorter distance than a fairway wood.


A club in which that strikes a shorter distance from an iron. In the past, it was being introduced in the iron set, but now it is a club that purchases and uses multiple single items. Sand wedges used in bunkers are also included.


A club made to roll the ball on the green.

The number of clubs that can be used for play in your caddy bag is up to 14 rules. If it is less than 14, you can use 5 or 7. Golfers can play as many clubs as they want. Golf For Beginners Plays an important role in the field of golf.

Arrange Clubs That can make the Difference in Flight Distance with Full Shots

Many golfers use the upper limit of 14 clubs in caddy bags. That is to minimize the difference in flight distance between clubs when taking a full chance, making it easier to distinguish distances. The putter is a club to be used on the green, so a total of 13 clubs can make the difference in flight distance. Drivers are fully designed to fly the most, and sand wedges are the least able to fly. It is the combination of clubs (club setting) that arranges other clubs to make up for the difference in flight distance between them. Golf For Beginners Plays an important role in the field of golf.

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The Ideal Club Setting is to Make the Difference in Flight Distance Stepwise

Golfers are free to choose the type of club, the loft, and the number of clubs, but the ideal club setting is to combine the clubs so that the difference in flight distance is stepped. Here is an example. If you are a golfer with a 230 yards flight distance and an 80 yards sand wedge distance when you hit a full shot, this is the club setting. The key to selecting a club in a club setting is to ensure that when you switch to a different type of club, you can swing in the same way without discomfort. Choosing a club that always gives you a certain feeling of swing improves the sense of distance and direction of the shot, which leads to an improvement in the score. To do so, focus on the length and weight of each club. Golf For Beginners Plays an important role in the field of golf.

The driver who can fly the ball farthest among the 13 clubs is the longest and lightest club. Conversely, the wedge that can’t fly the ball will make the club the shortest and heaviest. Clubs that fill the distance difference between them should choose clubs so that the club’s length and weight flow. By doing so, you can swing in the same way, even if you switch clubs. Golf For Beginners Plays an important role in the field of golf.

Range Finder

There are various golf GPS rangefinder tools available in the market for golf players. Thus, using GPS golf tools becomes a compulsory necessity if you are interested in your golf game. This equipment is highly useful and reliable in supporting a golf game. Golf For Beginners Plays an important role in the field of golf.

You could master the golf game and enhance the handicap in a reasonably short time, with the support of the best golf rangefinder 2017 offered by famous market leaders such as Garmin, GolfBuddy, Bushnell, Skycaddie, Nikon, and TomTom. With so many improvements in technology for rangefinder, it is getting simpler for golf players to enhance a game greatly by seeking support from the most suitable golf GPS rangefinders. Golf For Beginners Plays an important role in the field of golf.

At present, the elevation could also be calculated by using the golf rangefinder. Bushnell Company has a golf rangefinder, which could estimate the distance from a slope. By taking advantage of such improvements in technology, you could improve the golf game, have a perfect round, and impress your friends.

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